Window Washing

Our values define who we are as a company:



Not only will we brighten your home with clean windows; but we strive to bring more light into the world, by glorifying God through our work.

Living the value:  

-  We take seriously our responsibility to serve others, a portion of our proceeds will support organizations serving those in need.

-  Act in a VIRTUOUS manner, doing the right thing, when the wrong thing is easy or when no one is looking.


We will respect our customers, employees and the environment.

Living the value:

-  Customers have entrusted us with their property and their resources, we will honor that trust by holding ourselves to a high standard.

-  Foster an environment that values team members and their careers.

-  We don't use cleaning chemicals in the process.  The water filtration systems is chemical free and produces water with a

TDS of < 10 PPM.  We use a process and materials that minimize the impact on the environment.


Provide a service that is mutually beneficial and honors everyone involved.

Living the value:

-  Upfront pricing and communication.

-  When we make a mistake, we will take ACCOUNTABILITY and rectify the situation.

We commit to upholding these values.  If you find that we have not lived up to them, please let us know, we are always striving to improve.

Window Cleaning Process

Well or city water contains over 250 parts per million of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).  Our window cleaning process uses water that has passed through a four stage filtration system.  This system produces water that contains < 10 PPM of TDS!!!  Anything lower than 40 PPM of TDS leaves a surface with zero streaks or water spots.  Now that's TRANSPARENCY!!!

Window Washing
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